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PET Scan Cost in India

India is hub of medical tourism now and patients from all over the world travels here for cheap and quality medical treatment. PET scan is the most important and costly investigation in the treatment of cancer.A patient has to undergo multiple PET SCANS in his complete treatment. Cost of pet scan can sometimes be unaffordable. Most of the cancer hospitals have their own pet scan machines but they are exorbitant in cost. As a result patient prefers to get the investigation outside the hospital.

Getting investigation outside the hospital is a intelligent decision until and unless you are aware of the place to go.There are many PET scan centers in Delhi Mumbai and all major metros.But all are not the same. some centers rates are different from other.Some centers are cheaper but quality is a huge issue.What a patient who is unaware of anything should do.Most of the patient use Google to search the centre. But Google the topmost centre you see is always paid search.

PET SCAN INDIA can help you with this confusion.We have patient from all over India calling us to take guidance about the best pet scan centre in India.Our team is able to help patient not only to find the best PET centre near by but also the best rates a patient can get at that centre. Most of the prices we have are much cheaper then what you can get directly from centre. All centers recommended by us will be NABH & CGHS approved to ensure they are well recognized and there is no compromise in quality.Centers who are not recognized by CGHS usually give heavy discounts on tests to call patients.

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